St Paul Apostle

April 2013 pilgrimage to the Holy Land

It’s over


Last night marked the official end to what has been a remarkable pilgrimage. Even though the official pilgrimage has finished, we will continue to post photos and comments from the rest of the trip to Egypt. See you when we get there!

5 thoughts on “It’s over

  1. we cannot wait for everyone to come back and hear more stories.
    everybody here has been asking when you are all coming back:)
    have a safe journey where ever each one of you heading to …. either
    coming home or extension journey or other places……

  2. Thanks to you all for sharing so much of your very packed pilgrimage. The photographs have been wonderful and they have brought back many memories of my time there in 1994. Many people have been asking for you and you have been missed. It will be great to hear the stories. Hope those of you who are travelling on to Egypt have a safe time there and safe journeys to all travelling home or onwards to other places.

    With love, Brigid

  3. It has been a special privilege for me to share your journey, safe home and to those who are headed to Egypt enjoy. Yvonne

  4. Mum and dad, I’d like lots of photos of pyramids please!!! miss you both lots, Leah xox

  5. It has been wonderful to wander and wonder with you all on your pilgrim way. Thank you for the pictures and reflections and for including the absent community in your prayers. We miss you but are delighted that you got so much from your travels. Lots to share! Enjoy the rest of your journey and stay safe and well . Joan

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