St Paul Apostle

April 2013 pilgrimage to the Holy Land

From Audrey, Janice and Nancy

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It was not usual for me to drink says Audrey. All the photos of me with beer have been photoshopped! (Burp)

Hi there what an amazing and fantastic pilgrimage, one of the best,the companionship and love radiated from everyone. I have been the good one, not been up to too much mischief -and trouble!!!
From Janice

Nancy says I was framed. All photos of me drinking beer were also photoshopped!




One thought on “From Audrey, Janice and Nancy

  1. Hi All

    his is our last night in Israel. I can’t start telling you how blessed and fortunate we are to be completing our pilgrimage. All has been/is well. What an amazing, emotional, spiritual, fruitful journey. We have celebrated our last pilgrimage Eucharist together in our hotel, and what a great privilege to listen to each other as we share some of the special moments
    that deeply touched us,as we retraced the footsteps of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ. It’s a deep spiritual experience to pray the station of the cross, where J suffered his passion for the love of our humanity.
    We have all been in our prayers and thoughts. With love from Holy Jerusalem.

    Shalom, Salaam Malecom and the Peace of JC.

    & Clency

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