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April 2013 pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Bethlehem University – Linda

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Today after our visit to the Holocaust Memorial, we were invited to have lunch and meet the students at Bethlehem University, which is in Palestine territory in the West Bank.

After a delicious meal served by charming students, we watched a short film on the history of the University, which was started by the Della Salle Brothers.

Following the film, we had question time with 3 young Palestine students, one Muslim and the others, Christian.

They gave us an insight into their lives, and spoke of the hopelessness of their situation, behind the wall. They honestly answered our sometimes difficult questions.

Hopefully they have given us a more balanced perspective, to a very difficult and challenging situation over here.

As Passionist Companions, we should be able to see the Passion of Jesus here, in the everyday lives of these people.

Later in the evening, a small group of us walked through the streets of the old city. Some of us did shopping, others(Gerard & Brendan) enjoyed a beer.

We took the opportunity to enter the Holy Sepulchre Church. The highlight for me was finding a quiet space in this extremely busy and noisy Church, to say an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be, with a small group of our Pilgrims.

Much love to our Companions back home, congratulations to our younger group for a successful meeting on Thursday.

Much love also to our boys, Timothy, Adam & Brett, who we are missing terribly.

Please keep sending your comments, especially Anthony, we appreciate your thoughts.



One thought on “Bethlehem University – Linda

  1. It has been great following your journey, thank you for sharing this with us. At times felt like we were there with you. Such wonderful memories you will have to treasure. Praying for your safe journey back. Take care & God Bless.

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