St Paul Apostle

April 2013 pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Who took this picture Frank? (From Maggie)

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These photos were taken by Frank at the Sea of Galilee. The significance of the photo is the cleansing of the feet in the water, but Frank chopped off the feet when he took the first photo. Lucky Aileen was on the ball and checked the photo straight away, and got Frank to take the photo again.




One thought on “Who took this picture Frank? (From Maggie)

  1. Thank you Frank for the photos at the of the sea Galile& i see that Gerard & Linda standing in background, can Gerard & Linda please send some extra photos doing all those holiday things & last night we had our companions meeting last night i think ot was about 10 or 12 last night and it was bery moving it was The Resurrection & His Glorious wounds to nest post ciao

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