St Paul Apostle

April 2013 pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Dead Sea scrolls


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2 thoughts on “Dead Sea scrolls

  1. Dead sea scrolls
    as the meeting
    Opening prayer
    ;Soul of Christ, sanctify me
    Body of Christ, save me
    Blood of Christ inebriate me
    Water from Christ,s side,wash me
    Passion of Christ, strengthen me
    from the malicious enemy defend me in thehour of my death call me and bid me unto thee that i may praise thee with thy saints and with thy angels forevet and ever. Amen


    O Good Jesus, hear me
    with in thy wounds hide me
    Suffer me not to beseparated from Thee

    • Some jow it was seperated it should have been before mslicous
      so this typed out on mobile any way i thought i would share this you all sorry for the breakkind regards and safe traveling up in typing i think i better type this on the pc ciao Anthony

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