St Paul Apostle

April 2013 pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Thanks for all the comments (from Ian)

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Thank you again to all the people at home who are making comments. Be aware that every comment made on the blog is read out on the bus so that everyone hears your fantastic messages of support. We are loving your comments and it is uppermost in our minds that we are sharing our pilgrimage with all of you back at home. Thanks again and keep the comments coming.

One thought on “Thanks for all the comments (from Ian)

  1. Thank you Ian for the thank you not so were from here any more planes trsins automobeals quote from john candy movie
    all the phptos have been great so keep posting thoses photos and will you be doing photos on a CD like 2011 ig you are can i have one please ciao ps i just finish doing a drive all over melbourne it drissle very over cast and also the rin

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