St Paul Apostle

April 2013 pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Shalom from Liseby


Hi All at St P Ap.
this is my first chance at accessing a computer since we left, so I rush to send a few words to you. Clency and I are having the blessed opportunity of our life time; and we gratefully give thanks & praise to God.
We arrived in Jerusalem City this afternoon 10th of April. We are in a very nice comfortable hotel, not far from the Old J, city, Tomorrow we visit, and celebrate mass at the Passionist House. It will be nice to meet its residents if they are there. Then we will visit the Holy Sites, such as the Church of The Sepulchre, and more.
One of the highlights for me was being in Capharnaum where Jesus lived; where he started his ministry of teaching, preaching, healing all who believed,and trusted in him. It was a very special, prayerful, and emotional moment for me to be sitting on a wooden boat, going on a trip on the Sea of Galilee just like Jesus, and the apostles did 2000 yrs ago. The prayerful reflection and the Galillee song brought tears to my eyes.
It’s great to be meeting, talking, and getting to know our little group. We’ll keep you all in our prayers and thoughts as we continue our pilgrimage. Thanks to all who are keeping in touch.
ps Anthony it’s great to read your postings, especially the early mornings ones; you are indeed very much in spirit with us, as I reflect upon the power & mystery of prayer through time & space.
Shalom, Salaam Malecom, and the Peace of JC,
Liseby & Clency.

2 thoughts on “Shalom from Liseby

  1. please ,stay well away from that man with the poppies in hand.looks most dangerous’

  2. Don,t buy a used Camel from the the guy with the head gear and holding the poppies he looks shifty he,s probable a Carlton supporter
    Regards to all Bert

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