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April 2013 pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Holocaust Memorial Day (From Mark)


It was a privilege and an honour to be here in Israel on what is their Holocaust Memorial Day which was celebrated yesterday on Monday the 9th April. This day is very similar to our Remembrance day. At 10am the sirens of Israel sounded and a profound quiet permeated the country. Cars stopped on freeways, trains stopped on tracks , shopping malls became silent and the population hung their head in quiet prayer and reflection. Our companions group was at the Ba’ Hai gardens and temple. We too observed the solemnities and offered our prayers for not just the victims of the holocaust but for all innocents who have died at the hands of oppressors and tyrants. May we never forget that for evil to flourish good people just have to do nothing.

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3 thoughts on “Holocaust Memorial Day (From Mark)

  1. Wow that would have been an amazing experience to have been a part of.
    Leah xo

  2. glad you are all enjoying your trip…..cheers and be safe……jennys john……..

  3. Dad the milk went off so i had to chuck it out…….ditto what leah said certainly a little jealous.

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