St Paul Apostle

April 2013 pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Mass at the Church of Transfiguration


Tim gathers his flock at Mt Tabor.

2 thoughts on “Mass at the Church of Transfiguration

  1. Hi fr tim
    Mass at the church of Transfiguration
    The spa companions have really been blest, it would have been a privelage to among you at this very holy place, just seeing it makes me feel that i am there in spirt kind regards to all companions on the greatest trip of life time.
    ciao anthony

  2. Hi All, wow looking through all the posts & pics you guys/gals are on such an amazing journey, keep them all coming so we can feel like we’re there too!!
    Dad love the reflective pose – mum must be hiding behind the flowers 😄
    Miss you both, looking fwd to reading through the rest of the trip.
    Cheers Phil & KL.

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