St Paul Apostle

April 2013 pilgrimage to the Holy Land

From Mignonne


Hi Val ,Anthony Dedi and the rest of the companions ,
Thank you so much for all the emails ,it was so nice to hear from you all . We are having a great pilgrimage the experience is over whelming I am sure you will love this place .its such a amazing place Petra was beautiful so much to take in .Thanks Val your concern Linda makes sure that I am not left behind only yesterday I got stuck in the toilet couldn’t unlock They almost left the boat without me ha ha !!! thanks to Jen ,they waited for me !!!!…. I miss you heaps Take care God bless
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2 thoughts on “From Mignonne

  1. Hi Mignonne,
    Thank you for your email, it was good to here that you made it on time , so try not lock yourself in,
    I can see in all the photos you everyone are having a great time, so the last 7 days have filled with so much adventure walking on the very ground were our lord and walked and seeing so much history past and present, so what and were are you going to leave your foot steps next, Best wishes to all in the group may your travels be filled with great views, good weather& good health & safe return home, thank you to Mark & Karen for the privilege of sharing your messages of History sharing as with the SPA group thank you Bro Jerome, Fr Tim & the photos from Damien & Dianne ,Mary, Mignonne, Linda, Gerard, Max Anthony others to make this pilgrimage of the holy land a great experance thank to all
    kind regards

  2. Mignonne, keep away from the toilet!! 🙂 thank you for all reflection which have been posted, we will share them in our newsletter. Brother Jerome & Father Tim, i like your new head cover style:) we keep you all in our prayers.

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