St Paul Apostle

April 2013 pilgrimage to the Holy Land

From Mark and Karen

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As dawn slowly broke and the waters of lake Galilee lapped its banks, you could see the outline of fishing boats and fisherman. One could easily imagine Peter, James and John being invited by Jesus to embark on a new beginning and an exciting new journey of faith.

Two thousands years later on last Easter morn, our parish welcomed 3 new young people who were touch by The Lord’s call and were gifted by the Spirit with the courage to join our SPA community. As the youngsters in our schools often proclaim “We do indeed have an awesome God!”

As a group we cruised around on the Sea of Galilee on an old fishing boat. Unlike a certain passage in the bible, our path was smooth sailing and we spent precious moments together praying for the needs of absent friends and members of the SPA community. We managed not to scare away too many birds and fish with a rousing rendition of “Come to the Water”.

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