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April 2013 pilgrimage to the Holy Land

We are in Israel, by Mary

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This is a wow moment. We have just checked into our hotel in Israel, and our view out the window is the Sea of Galilee.Earlier today we spent two and half hours at Jerash. The ruins there were truly remarkable and so well preserved. We actually walked on the same pavement that chariots rode along two thousand years ago. The actual site is about 85 hectares and not all the ruins have been unearthed yet.








One thought on “We are in Israel, by Mary

  1. Hi every one
    this latest batch of fantastic photos takes my breath away. Jerash, will have to read up on this one, by the looks you are all freezing with the cold desert wind and most likely a slight touch of rain.
    I see the ladies had their your own team photo. This trip is wow factor from start to finish, thank you for all the great photos and places you traveling, you are making me feel with every photo that i am among
    you in spirit

    Hi all sorry i only left half a message got stuck some where and i am doing this on mobile phone and it was playing up. So back to the wonderful photos and locations, i would like to know how long you have been traveling by bus to get to all the places. i must go back to sleep its 3.47 am ciao

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