St Paul Apostle

April 2013 pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Message from Mark and Karen

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It was a privilege to pray as a Group representing St Paul Apostle Parish at the very spot that God showed Moses the Promised Land. Last Thursday SPA recalled reverently the first Passover. This Thursday our pilgrims stood on Mount Nebo, the place where Moses first glimpsed the land of milk and honey.
We read the story of Moses from Deuteronomy, we responded with Psalm 46 and then made individual petitions praying for our parish, our group and our world. After singing “Be Not Afraid” (with the very apt first line “We shall cross the barren desert”) we finished with a brief reflection and offered a sign of peace. It was a most moving paraliturgy!
The place where we stood was the same location that Pope John Paul 11 visited several years ago. He visited this spot to pray for unity between all nations whether they be Muslim, Christian or Jewish. A monument is raised that is inscribed with “One God, father of all, for all the world !”
May these sentiments be realised!
Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we will you!


One thought on “Message from Mark and Karen

  1. To the Pilgrims of the mighty SPA, it was so refreshing to read the words of Mark & Karen that a group from the current land of “Milk & Honey” (Oz) should now be standing on the spot where Moses was shown the then land of milk & honey. Keep it up guys & I am sure that one day a group from SPA will be a little cog in the wheel of bringing peace first of all to our region & then the world at large. Your photos & comments are great. Have a great happy, safe & Holy journey.
    From Glen & Dawn Johnson.

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