St Paul Apostle

April 2013 pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Fr Tim & Bro Jerome



5 thoughts on “Fr Tim & Bro Jerome

  1. Two brothers under shade, Tim in blue & Jerome in red , well at least you are keeping the sun off your heads, how are your knees Tim?
    well you guys are having a great time walking all around Petra
    Kind regards

  2. Fr Tim, Br Jerome…. did you see Indiana Jones there? 🙂 if you do say hello for me:)

  3. Hi Tim that head gear will get you free entry into any event in the world. Love the photos and I am glad you are enjoying the trip As John Wayne would say in the classics Howdy Pilgrims take care
    Regards Bert

  4. Love the headgear!

  5. good to see all the lovely pictures:) if you would like, please write a little reflection of your journey and we will put it in our next week’s newsletter. I think it will be nice:) if you want we can make it anonymous. love from us in endeavour hills:)

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