St Paul Apostle

April 2013 pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Tuesday’s meeting


Hello all

Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting on Tuesday,


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s meeting

  1. Hello All
    it was good last night to come together to put the final touches/reminders, get our queries answered etc.
    Big Thank you to Gerard and Linda, the initiators and organisers of this long awaited pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I feel really lucky and blessed, and I think all of you do too, to be able to soon walk in the footsteps of our Lord.
    I want to give Praise & thanks to God for this great opportunity. I look forward to the times ahead to get to know the other pilgrims, so we can all pray, talk, reflect, learn, and share this wonderful experience together.
    Well done Gerard. Linda and Ian (!Alien!)
    Clency & liseby

  2. Thanks for that. Clency, could you do me a favour please and try to send a post via email? If possible could you also attach a photo?

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