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April 2013 pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Email from Gerard 17/02/13

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Dear fellow Pilgrims,

Although we were previously advised to have our balances paid by Monday 18th February, there has been a delay with this schedule, due to finalising of numbers, and confirming bookings with Egypt.

Both these matters are now in the process of being finalised. Your patience has been appreciated.

Everything else in now back on track, so we will be having a group meeting in the not too distant future which we hope everyone will be able to attend.



Hi everyone,

Aquamarine Travel have advised us that they are currently in the process of finalising itineraries, booking flights and calculating your balances due & payable by Monday 18th February.

Could you all please ensure that you have given them a copy of your passports and confirmed details of your stopover return flights, to avoid having to change them at a later stage.

With regard to the matter of our group numbers being reduced, we have managed to negotiate with Aquamarine Travel, to limit the cost increase to $80.00per person, bringing the total Pilgrimage component only to $4730.00. The cost of the Egypt tour remains unchanged.

We have also been in discussion with Aquamarine Travel regarding the Egypt tour and based on their advice, we have decided as a precautionary measure to consider bypassing Cairo at this stage, due to the current instability in that area. We feel it’s more prudent to effect this measure now rather than later, at possibly an additional cost.

We will be flying from Amman to Aswan, for (1)night, cruise on the Nile for (3)nights, then enjoy the last (2)nights in Luxor. We will have a day and a half of tours in Luxor, which includes the Valley of the Kings and Queens.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any further queries or problems.


Gerard & Linda

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  1. Just checking to see if this works!

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